Rachel Wang Shares Whitaker Experiences

Read below about Rachel Wang’s experiences studying abroad on a Whitaker Fellowship!  The Whitaker Program is designed to foster international connections in biomedical engineering. The program sends young U.S. based biomedical engineers around the world to study, complete an internship or conduct research on biomedical engineering, thus building international bridges and providing unique experiences to future leaders in the field.


I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! In what seems like a blink of the eye, I have already been in London for a month and a half.  In this time,  I have explored many of the famous historical sites in London, the type of places you see in tourist brochures, but my real experience has come from interacting with the British students here in London. As an associate member of Imperial College’s student union, I was able to join many student organizations including the photography club.  Just in the past weeRachel Wangkend, I went on a photography walk with the club to Elephant and Castle to explore an creative arts exhibition held in an abandoned housing complex. I cherished the opportunity to see a side of London that perhaps only the locals get to see and the opportunity to really learn about London from the eyes of the British students. Another highlight in my study abroad experience was my trip to Istanbul with my Islam & the West class. In Istanbul, we were able to learn about Turkish customs as well as explore many of the mosques that we had learned about in class.  In the remaining time I have in London, I am hoping to explore the culture neighborhoods such as Brixton, Brick Lane, and Shoreditch – to get a glimpse into the diverse cultures that exist and thrive in London.


For more information on the Whitaker, please contact Cindy Schaarschmidt, Asst. Director of the Drexel Fellowships Office.

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