Nevena Bosnic Shares Carnegie Experiences

Nevena Bosnic (Economics BS ’12, PHC) is a Carnegie Junior Fellow, a highly-competitive program that enables recent graduates to work for a year with a senior fellow in one of the program areas of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.  Nevena is working with the International Economics program.

Listen to Nevena’s experience applying for the Carnegie here and read about what it’s like at the Carnegie Endowment below!


Nevena at Carnegie

My position as a Junior Fellow in the International Economics Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has been nothing short of amazing. I work as a research assistant for two extremely brilliant and internationally respected economists, whose interests and research specialties are as varied as the sea. Each day, I am exposed to new issues—topics including the global middle class, global inequality, the global implications of emerging economies, and trends in oil prices—and with only three months of experience under my belt, it’s undeniable that my assignments, mentors, and colleagues have exceeded even my greatest expectations. Throughout this fellowship, my role is essentially to learn from and assist the most sophisticated individuals in the field of international economics and political economy. Working at Carnegie has confirmed my interest in pursuing a career in economic policy and research. And with such extraordinary mentors, who wouldn’t yearn and aspire to be as accomplished?


For more information about applying to the Carnegie Junior Fellows Program, visit  the Drexel Fellowships page or contact

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