Congratulations to Drexel’s 2013 Fulbright Finalists

Fulbright_logoEleven Drexel students and alumni were selected as finalists for the prestigious Fulbright US Student Program for study and research or teaching English abroad in 2013-14. We are so proud of these students who spent lots of time developing research proposals, crafting application essays, and incorporating feedback from supportive readers.

After being chosen as finalists by national screening committees their applications have now been passed to country-specific committees for final selection.

nathan taylor

Nathan Taylor
Mechanical Engineering, PhD ’15
South Korea
Nathan proposes to use electrical plasma discharge to treat water contaminated with pollution from fuel extraction in conjunction with Kwangwoon University. He hopes to expand his expertise on water treatment techniques by utilizing Kwangwoon’s plasma science knowledge.

elizabeth mandersElizabeth (Liesbet) Manders
Creative Arts Therapies, PhD ’14
Liesbet proposes to join a study on autism in Heidelberg, Germany.  She plans to investigate if participants in dance/movement therapy can learn to coordinate their body movement with a partner and if this will improve their social interactions.

josa hanzlikJosa Hanzlik
Biomedical Engineering, PhD ’14
Josa proposes to work with the researchers of The Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, Netherlands, to create mathematical models determining the implant or patient factors that increase the amount of bone ingrowth into porous implants. Beyond Mechanobiology, she also hopes to investigate which factors contribute to the low number of women in STEM fields both in the Netherlands and the US.

Seyi AderotoyeSeyi Aderotoye
Seyi’s proposed project aims to determine the cultural and socioeconomic effects on pain management treatment for sickle cell disease (SCD) patients in Nigeria. The hope is to discover the hindrances and potential alternative management interventions for SCD patients in reducing pain and improving psycho-cultural outcomes.

nick meyersNick Meyers
Mechanical Engineering, PHC BS/MS ’13
Nick proposes to work at the University of Ulm on a project to characterize the mechanical properties of fracture fixation devices in order to directly compare research results from various fracture healing studies. This project will allow for optimization of fracture fixation devices and ultimately better care for those who suffer a bone fracture.

lauren forbesLauren Forbes
Public Health, MPH ’13
Lauren proposes to work with the Ethiopian Public Health Association on a project to improve reproductive health services for adolescents in the Amhara region. She will be investigating their opinions on reproductive health issues and related cultural factors.

liesl driverLiesl Driver
Global and International Education, Master’s ’14
Liesl has applied to teach English in Peru. Her graduate research has focused on indigenous bilingual education in Peru, and she hopes to maintain local languages in a globalized world.

hunter snyderHunter Snyder
Film and Video Studies, BS ’12
Through traditional and visual ethnography, Hunter seeks to explore the relationship Inuit have with labor and land in light of the transformations caused by mining activity in the Arctic.

sean millerSean Miller
Biology, BS ’11
Sean plans to research Alzheimer’s disease with world-renowned scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.


sarah lightfoot vidalSarah Lightfoot Vidal
Materials Science and Engineering, BS/MS ’13
Sarah proposes to do research at CIPA’s Functional Polymer Department, in conjunction with the Polymers department at the Universidad de Concepción. She will be working on developing a polymer blend of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) for use in the medical field.

steff altmanSteffanie Altman
International Area Studies, PHC, BA ’13
Steffanie plans to research the fight for civil rights in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community in Asturias, Spain during and after the transition from Franco’s dictatorship to democracy by conducting interviews with three generations of the LGBT community.


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